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Rosemary With Ginger

Rebecca Mason stars as Ginger in this hilarious and heartfelt drama about two sisters rediscovering their common bonds. Rebecca is beyond excited to be involved in this wonderful play, she is thrilled to begin this discovery of Ginger and present her work on the stage. She thanks, Edward Allan Baker for writing this fantastic play and Stephanie Ruiz for casting her to embark on this journey.

“The best is ROSEMARY WITH GINGER, a spicy domestic bloodbath that plays like a gender-reversed retread of Sam Shepard’s True West.” —LA Times.

“Two sisters meet in a closed-down diner and slowly reveal the strife they’re experiencing at home: Rosemary, an alcoholic, is about to lose custody of her children, the pain of which leads her to drink more and to tolerate an abusive relationship with her boyfriend; Ginger finds herself in a loveless marriage, but more important, she needs to explain to Rosemary why she divulged Rosemary’s alcoholism to her ex-husband, thus creating the custody battle. The sisters wrangle, accuse and attack, but mostly discover that, without each other, they have nothing. In the end, some hope is evident as the sisters rediscover their common bonds.”



Written by Edward Allan Baker
Directed & Produced by Stephanie Ruiz

Under St. Marks Theatre
94 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10009

Thursday, March 29th- 7pm

Friday, March 30th -7pm

Saturday, March 31st -7pm & 8:15pm


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